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Research Reports

R Series

Many of the recent reports (since 2000), and some earlier ones, are available as Adobe Acrobat pdf files. To view them you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader. Other reports are available in hard copy by request.

No. Author(s) Report Title Date
R184 Zhang, T A Mechanics Based Approach for Shear Strength of RC Beams without Web Reinforcement Jun-13
R183 Zhang, T, Visintin, P, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC Pre-sliding Shear Failure in Pre-stressed RC Beams:  Behaviour Apr-13
R182 Zhang, T, Visintin, P, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC Pre-sliding Shear Failure in Pre-stressed RC Beams:  Partial-interaction Mechanism Apr-13
R181 Chen, Y Mechanism-oriented Stress-strain Model for Unconfined Conrete Jan-13
R180 Zhang, T, Oehlers, DJ, Griffith, MC & Haskett, M A Mechanics-based Numerical Model for Quantifying the Shear Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Beams Oct-12
R179 Warner, RF Step-by-step Analysis of Creep and Shrinkage Effect in Prestressed Concrete July-12
R178 Willis, CR, Griffith, MC & Lawrence, SJ Earthquake Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Residential Buildings up to 15m in Height Mar-07
R177 Oehlers, DJ, Liu, IST, & Seracino, R The Gradual Formation of Hinges Throughout Reinforced Concrete Beams Jan-05
R176 Jaksa, M Use of Demonstration Models in Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Education Sept-05
R175 Daniell, K, Kingsborough, AB, Malovka, DJ, Sommerville, HC, Foley, BA, & Maier, HR A Review of Sustainability Assessment for Housing Developments May - 04
R174 Shahin, MA & Jaksa, MB Modelling the Pullout Capacity of Marquee Ground Anchors July - 03
R173 Wu, YF, Griffith, MC & Oehlers, DJ Behavior of Plated RC Columns Oct-01

Wu, YF, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC

Numerical Simulation of Composite Plated Columns Aug-01

Shahin, MA, Maier, HR & Jaksa, MB

Evolutionary data division methods for developing artificial neural network models in geotechnical engineering Nov-00

Park, SM & Oehlers, DJ

Details of Tests on Steel and FRP Plated Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams Aug-00

Griffith, MC

Experimental Study of the Flexural Strength of URM (Brick) Walls Aug-00

Bowden, GJ

A Review of Cyanobacteria Mar-00

Shahin, MA, Jaksa, MB & Maier, HR

Predicting the Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Cohesionless Soils Using Back-Propagation Neural Networks Feb-00

Jaksa, MB, Kaggwa, WS & Brooker, PI

An Improved Technique for Evaluating the CPT Friction Ratio Jan-00

Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF

Reverse-Cycle Fatigue Tests on Stud Shear Connectors Aug-99

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns and Frames Nov-98

Kawano, A, Griffith, MC, Joshi, HR & Warner, RF

Analysis of the Behaviour and Collapse of Concrete Frames Subjected to Severe Ground Motion Nov-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Collapse Load Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures Jul-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Design of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members May-98

Dandy, GC, Loukas, B & Davies, CM

Modelling Residential Water Demand in Adelaide Using Artificial Neural Networks Mar-98
R159 Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF The effect of linear-elastic partial-interaction on the shear flow and flexural stresses in simply supported composite bridge beams Jan-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Analysis of Concrete Frames using a Direct Stiffness Line Element Approach Nov-97
R157 Vitkovsky, JP & Simpson, AR Calibration and leak detection in pipe networks using inverse transient analysis and genetic algorithms Aug-97
R156 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Composite side plated beams with transverse and longitudinal partial interaction Aug-97
R155 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, D J Mathematical models for flexural peeling of angle plates glued to RC-beams Aug-97
R154 Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF The influence of friction on the fatigue life of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Jul-97
R153 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Partial interaction in composite steel & concrete beams with mechanical shear connectors Jun-97
R152 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Interaction curves for flexural and shear peeling of side-plated glued beams Apr-97
R151 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of pure flexural and pure shear peeling of angle glued to the sides and tension faces of RC-beams Apr-97
R150 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Non-uniform shrinkage and creep in slender concrete frames and columns Apr-97
R149 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Development of a generalised set of pipeline water hammer and column separation equations Mar-97
R148 Trezona, JR & Warner, RF Simplified design methods for slender concrete-filled circular steel tubular columns Jan-97
R147 Trezona, JR & Warner, RF Strength of concrete-filled circular steel tubular columns Jan-97

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frames under Non-proportional Loadings Feb-97
R145 Ali, MSM & Oehlers, DJ Reinforced concrete beams with steel plates glued to their tension faces: improving shear peeling strength by steel plates bonded to their sides Apr-97
R144 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Simply supported bolted side-plated beams with transverse and longitudinal partial interaction Feb-97
R143 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ A mathematical model for flexural peeling of side-plated glued beams Feb-97
R142 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of side-plated beams subjected to both flexural peeling and shear peeling Apr-97
R141 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of flexural peeling of glued side-plated beams Feb-97
R140 Wu, ZY & Simpson, AR Messy genetic algorithms for optimisation of water distribution systems Nov-96
R139 Lofgren, AI, Kawano, A & Warner, RF Simplified design methods for slender concrete-filled tubular steel columns Sep-96
R138 Ellis, DJ & Simpson, AR Convergence of iterative solvers for the simulation of a water distribution pipe network Aug-96
R137 Oehlers, DJ Allowance for friction on the fatigue endurance of shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Jul-96
R136 Anderson, A & Simpson, AR Genetic algorithm optimisation software in fortran Mar-96
R135 Walker, DJ Basin geometry and its effect on flow patterns in constructed wetlands Mar-96
R134 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Application of genetic algorithms to the optimum design and layout of drip irrigation systems Feb-96
R133 Oehlers, DJ Anchorage zone design of post-tensioned members based on longitudinal splitting Nov-95
R132 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Effect of internal parameters and geometry on the performance of back-propagation networks Oct-95
R131 Maier, HR A review of artificial neural networks Aug-95
R130 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC An optimisation model for design of multiple sub-unit pressure irrigation systems Jul-95
R129 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Application of multivariate time series modelling to the prediction of salinity Jun-95
R128 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Water hammer and column separation measurements in an experimental apparatus Jun-95
R127 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Comparison of the Box-Jenkins procedure with artificial neural network methods for univariate time series modelling Jun-95
R126 Davies, CM & Dandy, GC Modelling residential water demand in Adelaide using regression analysis May-95
R125 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Nonlinear analysis of the time-dependent behaviour of reinforced concrete frames Jan-95
R124 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Model of stress-induced shrinkage for the analysis of concrete structures Jan-95
R123 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Optimal layout model for pressure irrigation systems using genetic algorithms Dec-94
R122 Jaksa, MB, Brooker, PI & Kaggwa, WS Inaccuracies Associated with the Current Method for Estimating Random Measurement Errors Dec-94
R121 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Use of neural networks for determining the inputs for multivariate time series models Nov-94
R120 Aesche, BG & Simpson, AR Optimisation of pipe networks using an evolution strategy Nov-94
R119 Fleming, NS An investigation into rainfall-runoff relationships Sep-94
R118 Morgan, PJ & Kaggwa, WS Review of the behaviour and constitutive modelling of expansive clay soils Sep-94
R117 Jaksa, MB, Brooker, PI, Kaggwa, WS, van Holst Pellekaan, PDA & Cathro, JL Modelling the Lateral Spatial Variation of the Undrained Shear Strength of a Stiff, Overconsolidated Clay Using an Horizontal Cone Penetration Test Sep-94
R116 Jaksa, MB & Kaggwa, WS A Micro-Computer Based Data Acquisition System for the Cone Penetration Test May-94
R115 Fleming, NS Forescasting water consumption in the northern Adelaide plains, SA, using artificial neural networks, regression and time series methods Mar-94
R114 Oehlers, DJ, Ghosh, A & Wahab, MA Fatigue design and analysis of structural components based on residual strength Mar-94
R113 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Effect of model formulation on numerical errors in step-by-step creep calculations for concrete Mar-94
R112 Sved, G The effect of yielding in the outer fibres of a beam on the shearing stresses at the neutral axis Mar-94
R111 Fleming, NS & Daniell, TM Sustainable water resources management: an Australian perspective Jan-94
R110 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Optimum design of drip/trickle irrigation systems on flat terrain Dec-93
R109 Murphy, LJ, Simpson, AR & Dandy, GC Pipe network optimisation using an improved genetic algorithm Dec-93
R108 Ghosh, A, Oehlers, DJ & Wahab, MA A new fatigue design and analysis approach based on residual strength Oct-93
R107 Oehlers, DJ & Sved, G Fracture of stud shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Sep-93
R106 Oehlers, DJ Detailing rules for the side cover to stud shear connectors to prevent splitting Aug-93
R105 Oehlers, DJ A new fatigue methodology for the design and assessment of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Apr-93
R104 Oehlers, DJ Strengthening existing reinforced concrete slabs by bonding steel plates to their tension face Mar-93
R103 Oehlers, DJ Stiffening existing reinforced concrete slabs by bonding steel plates to their tension face Mar-93
R102 Griffith, MC Seismic performance of Australian designed reinforced concrete framed buildings Feb-93
R101 Maier, H & Dandy, GC Application of artificial neural networks to the prediction of salinity Feb-93
R100 Mitani, I & Warner, RF Design of slender concrete-filled steel tube columns Feb-93
R99 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Range of validity of the discrete vapour cavity model for pipeline water hammer Mar-94
R98 Oehlers, DJ Stud shear connectors in composite beams with sloping haunches Oct-92

Kenyon, JM & Warner, RF

Refined analysis of non-linear behaviour of concrete structures Aug-92

Connarty, MC & Dandy, GC

A Methodology for Optimum Sequencing of Water Supply Projects - Volume 1 of 2 Oct-92

Dandy, GC & Crawley, PD

Application of Linear Programming to Planning and Operation of Reservoir Systems with Water Quality Considerations Apr-92
R94 Connarty, MC & Dandy, GC Optimum pricing and capacity expansion studies for water supply systems July-92

Murphy, LJ & Simpson, AR

Genetic Algorithms in Pipe Network Optimisation Jun-92

Zhu, X & Simpson, AR

An Expert System for Turbidity Control Advice in Water Treatment Plant Operations May-92
R91 McPheat, J, Simpson, AR & Gibbard, M Integrated dynamic modelling of hydro-electric power plants - development of a water hammer computer model Jun-92

Smith, CAS & Warner, RF

Design of Circular Concrete Columns using Spreadsheets Feb-92
R89 Oehlers, DJ Profiled beam construction Jan-92
R88 Oehlers, DJ Experimental tests on plated beams Jan-92
R87 Oehlers, DJ Uni-directional fatigue tests on stud shear connectors Jan-92

Griffith, MC

Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings during the Newcastle Earthquake, Australia Aug-91
R85 Oehlers, DJ Design of shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Aug-91
R84 Oehlers, DJ Shear strength of longitudinally cracked composite beams Aug-91
R83 Hua, WG, Griffith, MC & Warner, RF Diagnosis and assessment of defective concrete structures Aug-89
R82 Oehlers, DJ A new approach to the design of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Jun-89
R81 Oehlers, DJ The derivation of the fatigue endurance of stud shear connections in composite steel and concrete beams Nov-88
R80 Oehlers, DJ Reinforced concrete beams with steel plates glued to their soffits; prevention of plate separation induced by flexural peeling Aug-88
R79 Kgoboko, K, Wyche, PJ & Warner, RF Collapse behaviour and ductility requirements in partially prestressed concrete bridge girders Apr-88
R78A Wong, KW, Yeo, MF & Warner, RF Collapse behaviour of reinforced concrete frames Aug-87
R78 Dandy, GC A study of the factors which affect residential water consumption in Adelaide - Final report Mar-87
R77 Kay, JN & Rigon, C Instrumentation of a bebo arch constructed at Byron Bay, New South Wales Nov-86
R76 Dandy, GC Factors which affect residential water consumption in Adelaide (Superceded by R78) Nov-86
R75 Varga, J Change of flow pattern in model bin (silo pressure abatement study - sacbh) Oct-86
R74A Kay, JN An efficient soils exploration and testing program Oct-86
R74 Kay, JN Examination of a new proposal for determination of Atterberg limits Aug-86
R73 Crawley, DB Preliminary design for a project: the design brief (for building and other structural projects) Aug-85
R72 Crawley, DB Using a project design to integrate civil engineering studies Aug-85
R71 Crawley, DB Civil engineering design management - Teaching by project Apr-85
R70 Warner, RF Design of concrete structures for fatigue and reliability Apr-85
R69 Warner, RF & Dandy, GC Multistage decision models for the assessment of structural defects May-84
R68 Ferreira, LJA The effects of traffic signal coordination along an arterial in Adelaide Apr-84
R67 Ferreira, LJA Traffic signal coordination - A survey of drivers in Adelaide Apr-84
R66 Ferreira, LJA Modelling urban fuel consumption Feb-84
R65 Hirst, MJS Measuring the temperature of concrete structures Feb-84
R64 Foo, MH & Warner, RF Fatigue tests on partially prestressed concrete beams Jan-84
R63 Behan, JE & Warner, RF Fatigue properties of tempcore reinforcing bars Jan-84
R62 Ahmad, A & Warner, RF Ductility requirements for continuous reinforced concrete structures Jan-84
R61 Warner, RF & Yeo, MF Collapse behaviour of concrete structures with limited ductility Jan-84
R60 Ferreira, LJA Urban transport management (utm) and energy consumption - A review of evidence Nov-83
R59 Avalle, DL, Flint, RCL & Kay, JN Large scale test facility for model conduits and arches buried in soil Oct-83
R58 Kay, JN Kokkinakis, T & Tallidira, MC Compressible conduits under deep fill loads - a model study Oct-83
R57 Dandy, GC An approximate method for the analysis of uncertainty in benefit-cost ratios Oct-83
R56 Kay, JN, Nichols, GW, Mitchell, PW & Avalle, DL Recent developments in screw plate testing in Adelaide Oct-83
R55 Arnold, M The self-boring pressuremeter Sep-83
R54 Mitchell, PW & Arnold, M A simple guide for the design of shallow stiffened footings on expansive soils Sep-83
R53 Moxham, KE & Brooks, DS A dual servo-controlled test rig May-83
R52 Sved, G, Payne, DC & Brooks, DS Finite element - finite difference analysis of cracked brick walls Aug-82
R51 Hirst, MJS A micro-computer interface for acoustic strain gauges Jan-83
R50 Hirst, MJS Bridge temperatures in Australia Aug-82
R49 Hirst, MJS Thermal loading of concrete roofs Aug-82
R48 Hirst, MJS Thermal loading of concrete bridges Aug-82
R47 Arnold, M An empirical evaluation of pressuremeter test data Nov-82
R46 Ewers, JR Some volumetric aspects of energy dissipation Sep-82
R45 Dandy, GC A set of mode and destination choice models for Adelaide Aug-82
R44 Kay, JN & Parry, RHG Screw plate tests in a stiff clay Jan-82
R43 Kay, JN & Flint, RCL A note on heavy vehicle loading of corrugated metal - Soil arch structures Jan-82
R42 Kay, JN & Cavagnaro, RL Settlement of raft foundations Jan-82
R41 Flint, RCL & Kay, JN Response of corrugated metal arches to soil loads Jan-82
R40 Brooks, DS & Payne, DC Strength and stability of brick masonry walls Feb-82
R39 Payne, DC & Brooks, DS The flexural stiffness of brickwork panels subjected to vertical and lateral loads Dec-81
R38 Dandy, GC & Neil, RH Alternate mathematical structures for modelling mode choice Feb-81
R37 Sved, G, Yeo, MF & Brooks, DS Effect of root gap on the fatigue strength of welded joints 1982
R36 Flint, RCL Design chart for large-span corrugated metal arch structures Sep-81
R35 Hirst, MJS Designing slender webs for steel bridge beams Mar-81
R34 Kay, JN & Avalle, DL Application of the screw plate to stiff clays Mar-81
R33 Warner, RF Strengthening stiffening and repair of concrete structures Mar-81
R32 Crawley, DB An evaluation of creep and shrinkage of high strength concrete in South Australia Dec-80
R31 Sved, G, Brooks, DS & Yeo, MF Investigations on cruciform welded joints with root gaps Aug-80
R30 Brooks, DS Strength and stability of brick masonry walls Oct-80
R29 Warner, RF Design criteria for the new structures code Aug-80
R28 Kay, JN A systematic approach to safety margins in pile foundation design Jul-80
R27 Bodley, WE & McIntyre, AK Depth control during demand changes in open channels Aug-80
R26 Hirst, MJS Solar heating of bridges Apr-80
R25 Payne, DC, Sved, G & Brooks, DS Numerical analysis of brick columns subject to axial and lateral loads May-80
R24 Warner, RF Serviceability of cracked partially prestressed concrete members: test and analysis Jan-80
R23 Kay, JN Avalle, DL, Flint, RCL & Fitzhardinge, CFR Instrumentation of a corrugated steel-soil arch overpass at Leigh Creek, South Australia Nov-79
R22 Kay, JN & Mitchell, PW A down hole plate load test for in situ properties of stiff clays Oct-79
R21 Kay, JN & Hain, SJ A design method for buried concrete pipe Oct-79
R20 Brooks, DS, Sved, G & Payne, DC The stiffness of partially cracked brick walls Mar-79
R19 Hutton, SG & Sved, G The determination of critical loads and natural frequencies of non-uniform beams Sep-78
R18 Kay, JN & Flint, RCL Design charts for large span metal arch culverts Aug-78
R17 Kay, JN Incorporation of probability in the design of buried concrete pipe Aug-78
R16 Hirst, MJS & Kay, JN A design method for shear wall and pile interaction Jun-78
R15 Hirst, MJS Application of the finite-stringer theory of the interaction of walls and their supporting structures Jun-78
R14 Hirst, MJS The structural behaviour of composite walls and beams Jun-78
R13 Kay, JN & Qamar, MI Tie-back anchor load-deformation response Jan-78
R12 Bodley, WE & Wylie, EB Control of transients in series channel with gates Dec-77
R11 Wylie, EB & Bodley, WE Control of unsteady free-surface flow with gates Dec-77
R10 Kay, JN Factor of safety for piles in cohesive soils Jul-77
R9 Cheung, YK & Swaddiwudhipong, S Static analysis of frame shear wall structures Jun-77
R8 Moxham, KE & Dwight, JB Stability of structure under static and dynamic loads May-77
R7 Brooks, DS & Hirst, MJS The low cycle fatigue behaviour of joints in reinforced concrete frames Apr-77
R6 Delcourt, C & Cheung, YK Finite strip analysis of continuous folded plates 1977
R5 Kay, JN & Abel, JF A design approach for circular buried conduits Dec-76
R4 Melksham, MH, Yeo, MF & Cheung, YK The initial effects of water jet cleaning on superheater tubes 1976
R3 Kasemset, C, Cheung, YK & Khatua, TP Analysis of multi-layer sandwich shells using curved elements Dec-75
R2 Bodley, WE Energy dissipation in mammalian arteries - An assessment of the distribution of energy dissipation between the blood and the vessel wall Nov-75
R1 Cheung, YK, Yeo, MF & Cumming, DA Three dimensional analysis of flexible pavements with special reference to edge loads Jul-75

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