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2014 Postgraduate Seminar Program

Please note that 'work in progress' is being presented at these seminars.

Seminars start at 4pm.

If you have any queries about the seminar program, please contact Assoc Prof Hamid Sheikh.

January 6th    
January 13th

January 20th N132 Nhu Cuong Do "Monitoring and Controlling real-time Operation in Water Distribution System" - Introductory
January 27th   Public Holiday  
February 3rd
Napier 209 Bambang Setiawan "Quantifying the Seismic and Site Amplification Characteristics for Adelaide's Regolith" - Introductory
February 10th Napier 209

February 17th Naplier LG28 Mohammad Albitar "Material and Structural Properties of Coal Ash Geopolymer Concrete" - Confirmation
February 19th
S111 Confirmation Seminars
February 20th
S111 Confirmation Seminars
February 24th Napier 209 Arash Mirahmadizoghi  Confirmation
March 3rd
Napier 209 Andrew Bradley "Determination of the Effectiveness of Rolling Dynamic Compaction using a Finite Element Analysis" - Confirmation
March 10th   Public Holiday  
March 17th Napier 209 David Wright Confirmation
March 19th Ligertwood 333 Prof Barbara Minsker
Visiting from the University of Illinois
"Sustainable and Resiliant Urban Stormwater Management:  Novel "Big Data" Approaches to Improving Human and Ecosystem Wellbeing"
March 20th Engineering South S112 Samuel Rivera
Visiting from the University of Illinois
"Advancing Sustainability Indicators Through Text Mining:  Feasibility Demonstration"
March 24th Napier 209 Virginia Hernandez Confirmation
March 31st
 Napier 209 Danlu Guo An Impact-centred Approach to Climate Impact Studies on Hydrological Systems" - Confirmation
April 7th Napier 209
April 14th Napier 209

Tianyu Xie

Henry Munoz Principe

"FRP Confined Recycled Aggregate Concrete Column under Axial Compression" - Introductory

"3D Rockmass Characterisation and Assessment for Deep Drilling Performance Optimisation" - Introductory
April 21st
Public Holiday
April 28th Napier 209

Mansoureh Nejad

Andrew Lawless


May 5th Napier 209 Noorfaizah Hamzah
"Progressive Damage Mechanism of Rock Subjected to Cyclic Loading" - Confirmation
May 6th S111 Eng South Reza Soleimanpour "Damage Detection of Defects in Composite Laminates using Nonlinear Lamb Waves" - Confirmation
May 12th Napier 209 Ehtesham Ul Haq Karatela "Study on Borehole Stability in Fractured Rocks in Deep Drilling Conditions" - Confirmation
May 19th Napier 209 Yasuto Nakamura Confirmation
May 26th Napier 209
June 2nd
Napier 209

June 9th
  Public Holiday  
June 16th Napier 209 Tong Liang "Flexure Analysis of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams" - Introductory
June 23rd Napier 209 Lisa Blinco "Multi-objective Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms to Integrate Pumping Operations of Alternative Water Supplies" - Introductory
June 30th
Napier 209 Nhu Cuong Do "Improving Water Distribution System Operations by the use of Virtual Benchtop Numerical Simulation Model and Real-time State Estimation" - Confirmation
July 7th Napier 209
July 14th Napier 209
July 21st Napier 209 Razieh Ghobadi Confirmation
July 28th Napier 209
August 4th Napier 209 Graeme Riddell

Hasan Mohseni

"Damage Detection in Composite Structures using Lamb Wave Method" - Introductory
August 11th Napier 208

Exequiel Esepulveda-Escobedo

"Quantification of Uncertainty of Geometallurgical Variables in Mine Planning Optimisation" - Introductory


August 18th Napier 208
August 25th Napier 208 Bambang Setiawan "Quantifying the Seismic and Site Amplification Characteristics of Adelaide's Regolith" - Confirmation
September 1st
Eng North N132

Chi Zhang



Yang Liu

"Inverse Transient Analysis for Leak Detection and Condition Assessment of Municipal Water Pipelines" - Introductory

"Numerical Modelling on Geosynthetics Based Geomaterials" - Introductory

September 8th Eng North N132

Charles Newland

Manpreet Singh



September 15th Eng North N132 Yu Deng "Quantify Flood Risk in a Warmer Climate" - Introductory
September 22nd Eng North N132

September 29th Eng North N132


October 6th   Public Holiday  
October 13th Eng North N132 Andrew Lawless "Quantifying Geological Uncertanty Associate with Sampling Program Parameters and Reducing its Impact Through Sampling and Stochastic Optimisation" - Confirmation
October 20th Eng North N132 Tianyu Xie
"Axial Compressive Behaviour of FRP-confined Recycled Aggregate Concrete" - Confirmation
October 27th Eng North N132 Van Vu "Finite Element Modelling of Damaged Composite Shell Structures" - Introductory
November 3rd
Eng North N132

He Shi

"Pipeline Condition Assessment using Fluid Transient Waves with Multi-Sensor Arrays" - Introductory

November 4th (Tuesday) Eng North N132 Henry Munoz Principe "Rockmass Characterisation and Assessment for Deep Drilling Performance Optimisation" - Confirmation
November 10th Eng North N132

November 17th Eng North N132
November 24th Eng North N132

December 1st
Eng North N132

December 8th Eng North N132    
December 15th Eng North N132 Lisa Blinco
December 22nd Eng North N132  



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