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2015 Postgraduate Seminar Program

Please note that 'work in progress' is being presented at these seminars.

Seminars start at 4pm.

If you have any queries about the seminar program, please contact Dr Abbas Taheri.

January 5th      
January 12th
January 19th
N132 Ziting Zeng "Characteristics of Applied Stress and Structural Damage with Guided Wave" - Introductory
January 27th (Tues)
  Phuong Dong Le "Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Extreme Storms and it's Corresponding Flood Risks" - Introductory
February 2nd
Napier 208    
February 9th
Napier 208 Elaheh Arjomand "Multi-physics Investigation of Well Cement Performance" - Introductory
February 16th Napier 208 Exequiel Escobedo "Quantification of Uncertainty of Geometallurgical Variables in Mine Planning Optimisation" - Confirmation
February 23rd Napier 208 Manpreet Singh "Structural Behaviour of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete" - Confirmation
March 2nd
Napier 208


Xiangwei Liang


Jingxuan Du

"Blast Resistance of Ultra-high Performance Concrete with Effect on Fire" - Introduction

"Pipe Condition Assessment using Pressure Transient and Acoustics" - Introduction

March 9th
Napier 208 Public Holiday  
March 16th Napier 208    
March 23rd
Napier 208
Chi Zhang
"Inverse Transient Analysis for Condition Assessment of Municipal Water Pipelines" - Confirmation
March 30th
Napier 208  Yang Liu
"Numerical Modelling of Geocell-reinforced Railway Trackbed" - Confirmation
April 6th
Napier 208 Public Holiday  
April 7th (Tuesday) N132 Eng North

Thomas Bruning

Changtai Zhou




April 13th
Napier 208

Gnana Teja



Reza Sadeghi

"Structural Diagnosis of Plate-like Structures using Lamb Wave Diffraction Tomography" - Introductory



April 20th
Napier 208 Charles Newland
"Development of a (semi) Automated Calibration Procedure for Cellular Automata, Transition Potential Based Land use Models" - Confirmation
April 27th
Napier 208 Van Duc Vu
"A Micromechanics Based Finite Element Model for Progressive Damage Analysis of Composite Plate/Shell Structures" - Confirmation
May 4th
Napier 208 Hasan Mohseni
May 11th Napier 208 Graeme Riddell
May 18th
Napier 208 Yu Deng
"The Role of Antecedent Moisture Conditions in Design Floods in Warmer Climate" - Confirmation
May 25th Napier 208 Changtai Zhou
"Develpoment of Rock Mass Failure Model Based Discrete Fracture Network" - Introductory
June 1st
Napier 208  He Shi "Pipeline Condition Assessment using Fluid Transient Waves with Paired Pressure Sensor Arrays" - Confirmation
June 8th
Napier 208 Public Holiday  
June 15th
Napier 208    
June 22nd Napier 208    
June 29th
Napier 208    
July 6th
July 13th S112 Elaheh Arjomand "Multi-physics Investigation of Well Cement Performance" - Confirmation
July 20th S112    
July 27th S112

Chengjun Yu


Junai Zheng

"Constitutive Modelling of Tyre-Derived Cement Composites" - Introductory

"Behaviours of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) - Concrete - Stell Composite Structural Mambers" - Introductory

August 3rd
August 10th S112    
August 17th S112

Hong Do

Sam Culley



August 24th S112

Irene Chung


Hamidreza Khatami

"Physical Modelling of Rolling Dynamic Compaction" - Introductory

"Measuring and Modelling the Mechanical Response of Soils Incorporating Recycled Tyre" - Introductory

August 31st

Yue Zhao


Can Wang


"Numerical Modelling of Tyre-Derived Cement Composites" - Introductory

September 7th

Yi Yang



"Nonlinear Guided Waves for Damage Detection" - Introductory

September 14th S112

Zhongcun Zuo


Lei Gu

"The Durability Analysis of Gas-oil Well, Cement and Structure" - Introductory

"Properties of Concrete Containing Recycled Plastic Course Aggregate" - Introductory

September 21st S112

Jian Liu



Yanyan Liu

"Projectile Penetration of Ultra-high Performance Concrete" - Introductory

"Blast Resistance of FRP-concrete-steel Tubular Columns" - Introductory

September 28th S112 Xiangwei Liang "Blast Resistance of Ultra-high Performance Concrete with Effect on Fire" - Confirmation
October 5th
S112 Public Holiday  
October 12th S112 Hang Wang "Modelling of Natural Oxidation Level in Refractory Gold Ore Stockpiles and the Potential Value of Natural Oxidation on Improving Gold Recovery" - Introductory
October 19th
S112 Thomas Bruning "Development of a New Method to Model Rockburst in Brittle Rocks During Deep Mining" - Confirmation
October 26th S112 Jingxuan Du "Pipe Condition Assessment using Pressure Transients and Acoustics" - Confirmation
November 2nd
S112 Phuong Dong Le "Analysing the Spatial Distribution of Extreme Storms and it's Corresponding Flood Risks" - Confirmation
November 9th
S112 Changtai Zhou "Development of Rock Mass Failure Model Based on Discrete Fracture Network Approach" - Confirmation
November 16th
November 23rd S112    
November 30th
December 7th
December 14th N132    
December 21st N132    



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